In May a delegation from the Swedish political party the Sweden Democrats visited the European Parliament. The delegation was invited by European Parliament member Kristina Winberg. Visiting with the delegation of Sweden Democrats, was a 26 years old man.

The 26 year old has strong connections to White Power and neo-Nazi groups.

The Sweden Democrats

The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) are a right wing populist party in Sweden. The party sp..

The Sweden Democrats

The Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) are a right wing populist party in Sweden. The party sprung from Swedish neo-Nazi groups, but in later years they have worked hard to lose the nazi stamp. The party has adopted a zero tolerance against racism and nazism.

In the Swedish election in 2014 gathered 12,9 per cent of the voters for government, and 9,7 per cent of the voters for European Parliament. One of their main objectives is to limit the immigration to Sweden.

In 2013 he demonstrated with Svenskarnas Parti, a nazi party that no longer exist.

The 26 year old has liked and shared nazi pages on Facebook, and is also Facebook-friends with Pär Öberg, one of the leaders of Nordiska motståndsrörelsen, the Nordic resistance movement, which is the most violent nazi group in Scandinavia.


The 26 year old is convicted for several violent crimes. In 2009 he beat an immigrant with a stick while he was yelling racist insults.

In December of this year the man invited other members of the Sweden Democrats to a barbecue. The invitation ends with “Hell seger” a Swedish translation of the more well known nazi phrase ”Sieg Heil”.

During the trip to Brussels the delegation with the 26 year old nazi had dinner with Kristina Winberg and Peter Lundgren, members of the European Parliament for the Sweden Democrats.

Kristina Winberg also invited the group in to the Parliament where they discussed European politics.

Kristina Winberg claims that she has no knowledge of the mans nazi connections.

Before Kristina Winberg was elected to the European Parliament she was chairman for the Sweden Democrats in Jönköping where the 26-years old is an active member.

– I'm sure Kristina Winberg knows the background of the 26 year old member. All Sweden Democrats in Jönköping know about his connections to neo-Nazi groups, said a source to